23 February 2009

Planting The Quince.

Today the weather was plenty good enough to plant the Quince tree that came the other week. I thought the boss might have let it grow as a tree in the open but it turns out he wants it training as an espalier against the west wall of the walled garden. So first of all I dug the square hole as is the fashion these days and then worked plenty of compost in to the bottom before positioning the tree.

The tree wants planting to the depth it was before being dug up at the nursery. If you can't see where that is then just be sure not to bury it so deep that the union where the tree was grafted to the root stock is buried. As a rough guide to getting the depth right I lay the spade across the hole to give me an idea of what the soil level will be when the hole is filled in.

Take a few minutes to look at the tree and work out which is its best side and how you plan on training the branches. Once you have it how you think is best stand back and take a long look. Its best to take your time and do the job right because the tree is going to be there for a long time.

Next you have to back fill the soil, I mix a good amount of compost in with the soil as I go and keep on firming with my foot. Keep checking the depth of the tree, if it looks like it's going in a bit deep just gently ease it up to the right level and then firm with the foot again. Keep doing this until you have all the soil back in around the tree and make one more check to be sure you haven't buried the join of the tree and root stock.

Tomorrow I will show you how to train the tree.


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