6 April 2011

Efergy electricity monitor.

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having or have had a good day. Here it has been dry and sunny so I got cracking with the mower this afternoon and cut all the grass apart from the roadside verge which I will do tomorrow all being well.
As there isn’t much to report in the garden today I am going to show you a little gadget that I got yesterday, it’s called an ‘Efergy’ and is a wireless electricity monitor.

The purchase of this was prompted by receiving a mammoth electricity bill last week. It consists of a sensor that clips on to the live output cable from the electricity meter, this then plugs into a sender unit which sends the amount of electric being used at the current time to a display unit which you can place anywhere in the house. It’s very simple to fix and set up, the instructions are even written in English so there is no problems at all in respect to getting up and running. There are various modes to choose from and if you know the cost per Kw, this info is usually on your bill, you can even set it to display how much you are spending as it happens. There is also a two day graph displayed along the bottom of the display unit. The interesting thing is that it has been around 0.45Kw all day except when I boil the kettle then five minutes after our daughter and friend walk in it breaks all previous records by shooting up to 9.08Kw! I think one of them must have been taking a shower because it has gone back down to 0.46 now. At the moment our daily average is at 12.3kwh and I’ve had it working around 24 hours so it will be interesting to see how it goes from here and more importantly what saving’s can be made.
If you want a few more details click [Here]


Sara said...

Fascinating! I want one!

Theanne and Baron said...

That's a neat gadget Rob...so far my electric bill here in the apartment has been way, way under what I was paying for the 4 bedroom house I had in Virginia. Of course there's only me so I'm hoping it will stay low. I'm curious now to see what you find out over a period of time!

Amy Wood said...

Hope the gadget works out good for you and saves you some money!

Wyatt said...

That's really a nifty gadget. Really makes you aware of your power usage and conservation. We need one!!

Wyatt's mom

ellen abbott said...

If I had one of those I'd be sitting in the dark all the time.

Emily C. said...

I'm having great day! thanks for asking! :) Over here at where I live had been sunny and humid at the same time! After a sunny afternoon, we'll have a wet evening! :L

That's a really cool device! :) You're really going green (Y) Good job there! :D