19 April 2011

T-Mobile Royal Wedding.

This is a popular video on Youtube at the moment, so popular that some of you may have seen it already but I just thought I would give those who haven't and those interested a chance to see it.


eMiLy ChAnG said...

i'm excited for the royal wedding and thanks for sharing the video! :)

Anonymous said...

Leave it to T-Mobile....LOL! Can't wait till the real event!

Amy Wood said...

LOL! I hadn't seen that yet. Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Chicken lover said...

Thanks for the video link Rob it was sooo funny but somehow I don't think the big wedding will be such a funky affair lol

HORIZON said...

LOL- l'd heard about this video- some good lookalikes-Camilla made me smile. Thanks for sharing. Back from Cornwall- worked hard in dad's garden- mowing, stimming, planting, bonfire, etc.. A working holiday :) The weather has been great up this way too- did some hanging baskets today sitting out in the sun- the life!
hope all well for you and the family Rob