1 April 2011

The Tree (April).

I have spent most of today moving plants from the greenhouse to the conservatory where they will spend the summer. I try and have what I call ornamental plants in the conservatory and keep stock plants or any that aren’t up to scratch in the greenhouse. So because the conservatory is like a show house I try and pot up as many of the plants in to clay pots so today I was going through the plants in the greenhouses and picking out the ones that are to be show plants in the conservatory this summer, the chosen ones then being potted on with fresh compost in to clay pots. I mix my own compost for these plants, this consists of one 60 litre bag of green waste compost, a 25kg bag of sharp sand and 200 grams of Osmocote slow release fertilizer. That should see them through the next six months by which time it will be getting time to put them back to bed for the winter.
This morning as I was going about my business one of the residents from the courtyard asked if I wanted her two standard bay trees, they are a good six foot tall so I wasn’t going to turn down the offer. I got them for work but I must say I’m tempted to have them for myself except I’m not sure where I would put them. I do have a place for them at work if the boss will let me put them where I want.
Thank you for your interest in the ewe and lambs. Some of you have asked me what breed the sheep are so I found you this link which will tell you all about the breed and their history so if you want to know more just click [Here]
As today is the first of April it’s time to take another look at ‘The Tree’. Not a lot has changed with the tree but the crop in the field has put on some growth.


Sara said...

I love how the landscape gets gradually greener and greener. Beautiful.

I saw the tree that reminds me of yours series yesterday. I really should stop my car and take photos of it!

Rob said...

It would be nice to see your tree.

Anonymous said...

How grand to be given 2 - 6 foot standard bay trees! The tree on the hill is coming along nicely! And you've got the season well in hand as far as your gardening duties...no such thing as getting behind in gardening.

Now...the question is: What is a window? (Orifice/opening, edifice/building, admission/allows to enter, illuminated particles/sunshine)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting about the Soay Sheep...thanks for sharing the link!

Amy Wood said...

Love the photos of the tree! Such an amazing process to capture!

Dame Judi said...

I do hope you know how your posts inspire, encourage and delight!There is always something to learn or simply beauty to enjoy.

Thanks as always

Rob said...

Thank you Dame Judi, I didn't realise this at all, I guess that because it's just everyday life that I write about it seems mundane and I have to confess to wondering if anyone is really intersted in it so thank you for saying so, it's kind of nice to wake up and find myself inspiring when I thought I was just plain old boring!

HORIZON said...

That crop is fairly coming along under the tree! Thanks for the compost recipe btw:) Great news on the bay trees too- l always pick loads of leaves from my father in laws tree when visiting. Hope you are well- l just don't seem to have enough time in the day at the moment- sorry such a short visit. bests