8 April 2011

What do you reckon to this guy?

I would be interested to know what people from the USA and other countries think of this guy. (see the links below).

I will just point out that for 'Sheffield' read ordinary or lower class people. There are certain people from London and the south east of the country who for some season think they are superior to people who live further north and that is where the reference to Sheffield comes in with it being a northern city as it is.

Anyway here is are the links, I'm just curious as to whether people from other countries have to put up with people like this.


Anonymous said...

Not everybody living in London thinks this way!

My family are from good working stock and have both lived and enjoyed life abroad.

However I have to say that of late I prefer to holiday in this country, it is such a lot to offer and I don't need to worry about not being understood or changing my money!

Anonymous said...

Prejudice continues to run rampant in the USA. I believe that there have been similar comments made in this country by people in positions of power! Outrageous behavior by folks who should know better!

ellen abbott said...

the Republican party in the USA is full of people like him. take from the poor and give to the rich. that's their strategy. trying to get a budget passed for the government, the republicans want to get rid of funding for all the safety nets and give more tax cuts to the very rich. they might shut down the government and the lower end workers won't get paid but the congressmen who shut it down will continue to get paid their outrageous salaries. they want to undo the minor health care reforms to help the uninsured all the while being the recipients to a very generous government health care insurance for themselves.

can you tell you hit a nerve?

Darlene said...

This sort of comment would not be tolerated in Canadian politics and I'm sure that the call for resignation would be immediate. What an abhorrent, small-minded ignorant this man is.

Doc said...

The likes of him is one of the many reasons I left England.

Rob said...

I've said my piece on the matter but jane highlighted a point that I would like to comment on which is that I judge people on how I find them, I know there is good and bad wherever you go so you can't judge someone because of where they live also I think that it the people of the north are lacking in something surely its the fault of the people in charge and not the fault of the people who live there.

Sara said...

Oh, this runs rampant in the US as well.

My state is currently getting rid of the millionaire's tax, giving the rich a much needed tax break, so the rest of us can suffer as we should.

Good to know it's not only in my neck of the woods.

Emma Rose said...

I think his comments were deplorable. By the way, we are proud to be Republicans in the USA. We do not steal from the poor and give to the rich.
Everyone has their own opinion. Don't believe everything you read.

Emma Rose

Merle said...

Hi Rob ~~ What a pompous arrogant man who should know better. I hope he is required to apologise.
Thank you for your re-assurance for
my laser blasting on Monday. My son and I go down tomorrow (Sunday) and I have to be in Hospital by 7 am so
it will be an early morning for me
and it should be done about 8 am as
far as I know. Thanks for your good wishes. Regards, Merle.

Joy said...

People such as the man you are speaking of are here in the USA, although I think most people would laugh at them and go about their way--he's not worth wasting thinking about. What I was impressed with was that if I had wanted to leave a comment (on the article) I would have had to agree to the 'House Rules'. I read the House Rules and was very impressed. Here in the good old USA, when people comment on the Internet, within 2-3 comments at the most, there is profanity of the worst kind. So tiresome and appalling. I was impressed that the commenters stuck to the subject at hand. Oh, and thank you, Emma Rose... like you, I am proud to be a conservative Republican also, and not one of those Liberal Democrats. And Obama's so-called Health Care Reform would FORCE people to pay for health insurance or be taxed...hello? If we had the money in the first place, we would HAVE health insurance. That hit MY NERVE!

John Gray said...

I would drown him in a bucket

Eurodog said...

And an old Etonian at that! People like him should not be in high profile jobs.