27 January 2012

First Seeds Sown.


Max Temp This Month =11.6
Min Temp This Month = -5.0C
Rainfall for the past 24 hours = 5mm


08:30 - 08:50  
See to the sheep 
( Field ) ( Misc )
( Note ) Took across some hay.
Checked and counted the sheep.
Didn't need to take any hay as there is a stock built up over the week also the farmer put some sugar beet down for them on Wednesday.

08:50 - 09:25  
Checking labels 
( Veg Garden ) ( Walled Garden )
( Note ) Going through the trees which are soon to be planted and checked the labels against those on the markers canes to make sure I took the right markers to the hall for the gentleman to distribute at his liesure.
Also had to re-label a couple of trees who's labels have gone missing.

09:25 - 09:35  
See to the bins 
( Hall ) ( Misc )
( Note ) Put the tubs back.

09:35 - 10:30  
Rake Up The Beech Nuts 
( Rock Garden ) ( Front Garden )
( Note ) Raked up the beech nuts in to a heap but couldn't cart off as the dogs were in the garden and I was concerned that Blondie might escape whilst I was taking the tractor and trailer through the gates.

10:30 - 10:50  
Break for coffee 
( Home ) ( Misc )
( Note ) Had a mug of coffee.

10:50 - 11:25   
 Sweep The Drive 
( Main Drive ) ( Public Gardens )
( Note ) Swept the main drive with the blower.

11:25 - 11:45   
Sweep round the North Front Area 
( North Front ) ( Public Gardens )
( Note ) Swept round some of the area's where I'd been working these past couple of weeks.

11:45 - 12:10  
 ( Conservatory ) ( Greenhouses )
( Note ) Swept out the conservatory.

12:10 - 12:30  
 ( Behind the conservatory ) ( Front Garden )
( Note ) Cleared away some leaves from where I was working yesterday.

12:30 - 13:00  
Picking up rubbish 
( Public Gardens )
( Note ) Carted off the rubbish that I had just swept up from the drive and the north front and took to the bonfire.

13:00 - 13:45   
 Break for lunch 
( Home ) ( Misc )
( Note ) Had a mug of tea and four baked bean sandwiches.

13:45 - 14:15  
Cleaned and put away the tool 
( Potting Shed ) ( Misc )
( Note ) Also tidied up the potting shed a little as one or two things were gathering on the benches.

14:15 - 16:15   
Potting up and seed sowing 
( Potting Shed ) ( Greenhouses )
( Note ) Potted up some marguerites.
Sowed half the sweet peas, leeks, peas, dwarf French beans and lettuce. All for growing on indoors for now.


Beth said...

Beautiful flowers Rob. I am thoroughly enjoying your diary. You really keep busy.

Wyatt said...

This is the time of year that we get charged up, thinking about spring. Every time the sun comes out, out we go to prune and tidy up...but we have to pull in our enthusiasm because the night temps are still well below freezing :(

Wyatt's mom

EB said...

Steady entries like this remind me of what I ought to be up to. Instead however I am trawling the internet for this likes of this - have you seen it, Bob?


Matron said...

Four Baked Bean sandwiches! wasn't that a bit messy?

Salina said...

It has been sooooo long since I've visited you Bob. I was thinking about wanting Spring to be here and gardening and so of course thought of you. Sound like you're just as busy as ever.:)

Anonymous said...

I feel the pace picking up a tiny bit...spring is coming isn't it!