9 January 2012

Some Answers.

A few people have left comments that I feel need answers so I will attempt to reply to some of them in this post.

Beth and a few others have passed comment on some of my Pictures For Today. It's probably obvious but I will point out all the same that whilst the pictures are mine, or in the case of the bouquet, Vicki's  they are not always taken recently. I usually pick one of my picture folders and then go through it until I come to one that takes my fancy.

Some of you found the mention of lemon curd sandwiches to be of interest. Here you can buy lemon curd in jars from the supermarket so no doubt it's the same where you live also. I'm not sure what it's true purpose in life is but I treat the same as jam and spread it on my bread to make a sandwich. I very nearly always have sandwiches for my lunch break so many things get put between slices of bread. The lemon curd fingers are what I always get when the jar is nearly empty, I usually end up getting more on my fingers than the bread by the time I've finished, so I hope that explains the lemon curd fingers.

Oh yes, another thing that seems to be of interest is how I manage to map my day. At work I have kept a work book for years and as an aid to keeping an accurate record of things I use either a PDA (hand held computer) or in later years the calendar feature on my phone. So whilst I keep the personal entries separate from my work book entries it all works along the same lines and I just bring both personal and work entries together on my computer to be posted on my blog. Keeping the record is not that hard really because as you will have noticed a lot of what I do is repeated daily so I can set my PDA to record the events every time they will be due and all I have to do is alter the times to fit and add any notes. The hard part is putting it on my blog because whilst I can copy and paste it from my calendar to my blog it has to be worked no because it doesn't come out the same as when in the calendar. Also to try and add a bit of interest I take pictures which have to be downloaded and added. I also try and find a relevant article that I can link to the post title. For those that don't realise it if you click on the title of the post on my calendar blog there is often an article linked to that post.

Someone commented on my late starts when not at work. If I have nothing in particular to do that day I don't rush to get out of bed. I actually like my bed and have never been an early riser if I can avoid it. I do make 10am the limit although I don't often take it to the limit these days - I feel to guilty for the rest of the day if I do.

Someone asked what tea I drink. I'm not sure off hand what brand it is but it's just ordinary tea. Vicki drinks Earle Grey tea so we have to be sure not to mix them up. I have my tea with one sugar and the smallest amount of milk. For sure tea is my main drink even in the summer when it's hot I find a mug of tea is as good as a cold drink. I always have a mug of tea and never a cup of tea - and it's a big mug!

Merima Roberts asked how old is Tess. Well she was 9 months old on the 30th December. Talking of dogs, there was a comment about the Westie that was featured in one of the posts. That is Scampi and she is our daughters dog, she is about 7 years old and she got her just a few weeks before I got Tommy.

Well I will call that it for now, if anyone has been missed out just leave me another comment and I will try to remember to answer your question next time.

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Sara said...

You had me laughing about your lemon curd fingers, and here I thought it was some sort of fancy dessert!

I'll check my grocery store to see if they carry lemon curd.

Kimmie said...


Yes, they carry lemon curd here too. It is yummy and a must have if you are making scones!

I love tea too. I do agree with Vicki on a cup of Earl Grey...on occasion it is lovely. Plain ole strong black tea (actually I use two tea bags to get the strength I like)...with a bit of milk is fine. If I am sluggish I add a bit of honey.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Kimmie said...

oops...meant to add...I never ate lemon curd in a sandwich. Do you eat it with just the bread or do you add other things as well. (thinking my kids usually eat peanutbutter and jelly)

Theanne said...

loved the "lemon curd fingers"...and to think I ate my lemon curd straight out the container...with a spoon, means I missed half the fun ;-)
The next time I allow myself (trying to lose some weight) to eat bread and lemon curd, I'm having a lemon curd sandwich and lemon curd fingers!

I thought perhaps the Westie was your daughters!

I have a lot of herbal tea but for some reason seldom drink it!

nerima roberts said...

*applause* You have answered so many of my burning questions! And I love this other blog. What a cool thing you are doing with technology!

nerima roberts said...

I will have to visit a gourmet store here in NY in order to find lemon curd. There is one store where British Imports take up a whole aisle!