26 January 2012

Some more cutting back work.

My Picture Of The Day
Tippy watching the lambs.

Max Temp This Month =11.6
Min Temp This Month = -5.0C
Rainfall for the past 24 hours = 4mm
My Work Book
08:30 - 08:50  
See to the sheep
( Field ) ( Misc )
( Note ) Took across some hay.
Checked and counted the sheep.

08:50 - 09:15  
See to the greenhouses
( Greenhouses )
( Note ) Checked round and water.
Moved the Chrysanths back in to the conservatory.
Took off some dead leaves and flowers.

08:50 - 09:00  
See to the greenhouses
( Greenhouses )
( Note ) Checked round.

09:15 - 09:55  
Strim Behind Gardeners Cottage
( Back Steps To Office ) ( Front Garden )
The Strimmer

09:55 - 10:45  
Strim Around North Front
( North Front ) ( Public Gardens )
( Note ) Went round and trimmed off any lose ends that were left over from the pruning session last week.

10:45 - 11:05  
Break for coffee
( Home ) ( Misc )
( Note ) Had a mug of coffee.

11:05 - 12:45  
Burn Up The Rubbish
( Old Garden ) ( Public Gardens )

12:45 - 13:30  
Break for lunch
( Misc )
( Note ) Had a mug of tea and four Apricot jam sandwiches.

13:30 - 15:55  
Tidying up
( Front Garden )
( Note ) Cut down the Elderberry bushes and generally tidied up the area at the back of the Gardens Cottage.
Carted all the rubbish away and burnt it in the old garden.

15:55 - 16:00  
See to the bins
( Hall ) ( Misc )
( Note ) There was only one recycle tub to put out.


Sara said...

Tippy looks like she's on top of the world!

I've always wanted to try sheep herding with my dogs. My agility teacher is going to set up an "instinct test" seminar this spring. I'm looking forward to seeing if either of my dogs has any inclination toward sheep herding.

A Brit in Tennessee said...
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A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sorry, I meant "she" took her work seriously....

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Well let's start again....
I meant to say Tippy took her work seriously, I know she is missed.
You've had a busy day, doesn't it feel good to have accomplished your list.

Have a great weekend,

Arlene said...

Hi Rob, thanks for your visit and comment at my video attempt, Ruby my little rescue had a go at working sheep, and apparently she wasn't bad, shame now that she's a beach babe and not a sheep in sight. :-(
Tippy looks just the ticket up there.lovely. keep well

Kimmie said...

I love that photo!! (you know I want to play with it in photo editing ;-) wink wink ...nudge, nudge.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted