3 January 2012

The Garden (January).

At the end of November I gave people the option to choose a series of views through out the year. The voting ended on the last day of December and the winning view with 54% of the votes as the view of our garden from the garden gate. I say our garden but to be fair Vicki does all the work in it apart from the cutting of the lawns and the hedges. I don't even water the pots anymore since I installed the automatic watering system. So anyway here is the first picture of the series, sorry it was a day late but I went and forgot all about it on the 1st until it was to late to take the picture. I took the picture at around noon yesterday and I will try and take it at noon on the first of every month from now on.

I know some of you were going to be doing your own project along the same lines, if you do decided to have a go can you let me know so I can pop on over and have a look - thanks.

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Sara said...

Can't wait to see the changes over the year. Such a pretty garden.

Bay Area Tendrils said...

I like the idea of documenting the same view through the seasons.
All best in 2102...
aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

Theanne said...

Happy your garden was chosen, looking forward to seeing it change through the seasons! I've chosen your idea of the dead tree in the lake hopefully with a few birds through the seasons! I'll be trying for the first of the month mid afternoon shot! And we'll see how it changes!

ellen abbott said...

Since you've changed things up on your blog it has taken me awhile to figure out what's what.

I want to do a series like this as well but here it is already the first week of Feb and I have yet to take my first picture. I'm going to go do it now and since the object of my attention has not changed one whit from a month ago, I hope no one notices. I'm taking my pics that last of the month because I am planning ahead for my end of year post.