7 June 2012

Knerveland CLC Pro cultivator.

I haven't posted anything on here for a while, mainly because I've been busy getting a new farm established. I guess that might sound a bit of a daft thing to do considering all the time I spent setting up the last one but the thing is I'm always checking out new farms in search of the one that suits me the best. I didn't really fall out with my last farm, in fact I liked it but then I came upon what was supposed to be a new improved version so I just had to go with that one which meant losing the one that I was working on which would have been fine if the new version really was better than the old one which it turned out not to be, or at least it didn't suit me. Then one day I came across 'Churn Farm' which I really like and have now spent a lot of time building it up. Of course I can't help myself looking so I keep inspecting new farms as they come out but so far I've not been tempted away. Although funnily enough I do keep getting the urge to dabble with 'East Peak Farms' which is a bit surprising in a way because its a simple farm which is lacking in some quarters like for instance the crop rows are poorly detailed and the regrowth times are way to fast but there is something about it that makes me keep it was one of my saved games.

Anyway the real purpose of this post is to give a little demo of the Knerveland CLC Pro cultivator. I will just do a round of the field which may become a little tedious but at the end I will give you a close up look. As you can see this cultivator will rip turf therefore avoiding ploughing. I get the impression it might be a little heavy so a good tractor is advisable. Whilst it works well and looks okay with quite good detail I won't be using it on my farm simply because it's too small only being as wide as the tractor - I would be going round and round in circles all day in some of my fields but I would have no hesitation about running it on a small farm such as Higher Hills Farm, especially as the cost is only 630. So a good starter cultivator for smaller fields and when the cash is in short supply.

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