18 June 2012

Pictures By Bandicam.

Tonight I've been working on Churn Farm making some hay. I cut the grass last week and went though it with the tedder  at the weekend but wasn't able to get back to it yesterday. Below are some pictures of tonight's work.

I would like to thank Tyler Wilson for his comment and for being the first follower of this blog. He made a comment about the picture I posted so I will just take the opportunity to tell you the name of the software I use to record both the video and images from the game. It's called Bandicam and can be found HERE. You can use it for free but with limitations. I think the length of the recording is limited to 10 minutes and the Bandican name is always present in any recording you make. Or if you want you can remove these restrictions for a small cost.


Rob said...

I always seem to find myself playing on more than one map. I'm really impressed that you can edit mods! I downloaded the editor with the intention of adding cattle and sheep to a map but I must confess it was way beyond me. I've read about people playing together but have no idea how you do it. I haven't had the game very long so am still learning how to do things. I must say I am quite addicted to it now though and I thing playing along with someone else would be quite fun.

Tyler Wilson said...

Yeah, it's pretty simple...I learned editing from LS-UK.info forums. Also it's pretty awesome to play with another person! And where you got the rake?