14 June 2012

New Drill.

Tonight I finished off the seeding project that I mentioned in a previous post. I've rearranged some crops so that the grass is altogether in one area of the farm. Because I work the farm on my own it's easier if I can move from one field to the next instead of having to transport three or four lots of equipment across the farm. Anyway I got it all done tonight so I think the next big project is to make some hay. Below is a short video I made tonight when finishing off the drilling, it isn't to demonstrate anything in particular but as you will see I have a new seed drill, it one is an Amazon. It works well and sows a wide variety of seed. The only difference I can detect between this one and the old drill is the colour

Apart from the drilling I have also been doing some work on Springhill Farm which is another of the farms I like to work on. It's a good farm but I don't like it as much as Churn Farm. It gives the appearance of being a small farm but there are many small fields which take a lot of getting round due to the tight layout of the map so you tend to put in a lot of time and hard work yet don't achieve so much. I'm actually playing it as a bit of a theme farm in that I am trying to use machinery from a past time, although I'm not absolutely religious about sticking to a certain period as it's not always easy to find the machinery to do the job so I have to take something a bit more modern. Like for instance I was trying to use the small bales produced by a conventional baler. The only balers I could find weren't that inspiring to use and then I ran in to problems handling the bales so I've gone down a more modern route as far as baling goes.

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