17 June 2012

Oakwood Farm.

This weekend, having got fed up of doing battle with Springhill Farm I downloaded Oakwood Farm V2 which is made by  Chris_7710 one of my favourite map makers. I don't intend it to take the place of Churn Farm, I'm just checking it out at the moment, although I am enjoying Oakwood Farm so who knows. I will post some pictures of Oakwood Farm shortly. The first job was to make some silage to feed the cows.

Silage Making.

From what I can see all the fields are planted with crops of Wheat, Barley, Canola, Corn and grass. There is one field of outlying sheep close to the farm so I will be able to make use of the cattle feeders. There are also some cattle in the sheds although I haven't gone in to what can be done with those yet.

I will leave you with a plan of Churn Farm, I'm only working fields from 1 to 21. I could work the whole map but I don't really have the time so am just sticking to the top right of the map.

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Tyler Wilson said...

Hello, Rob, hmmm...Sound like a great map! :) And you take some nice pictures of silage :)