4 January 2017

2016 Leaf Pile.

It was back to work for me yesterday after the Christmas break and the first job was to finish off this years leaf pile. I've pretty much done with all the leaf collecting but because there are so many it's not really possible to fit them all on to the main pile in one go so I make a secondary pile in another location and leave both piles to decompose a little before adding all to one pile. The darker ring at the top of the pile is what I added yesterday. I would guess around 80% of all the leaves I have collected this year have now gone to this pile, the rest which were of poor quality got scattered I the woods. It always amazes me how small the pile looks compared to the amount of leaves that have gone in to making it but with lots of treading and a couple of months decomposing I have managed to keep it to this size and around this time next year it will look like the dark heap on the right which this time last year looked something like the pile on the left.


Sara said...

That's quite the pile! Most people around here bag their leaves, but we're like you. We make a big pile behind our garage. Ours doesnt look as tidy though.

Robert Harrison said...

Hi Sara.
It is quite a pile but I have to say that I am in awe of how small it looks when I think of how many leaves have gone in to making it. There is actually a secret to how it looks so tidy that may not be obvious to the casual glance, I will try and reveal all in another post.