11 January 2017

A yellow warning for wind and snow

Just in case you didn't know, the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for wind and snow for large areas of the UK, with sleet showers, gales and widespread overnight frosts expected to affect much of the country.
Temperatures are expected to plummet to -10C (14F) in rural areas this week and last into the weekend. The weather is expected to turn cold and windy by Wednesday evening as a polar maritime airmass, with its origins over northern Canada, moves into northern Scotland and then south across the whole of the UK.
There will be gales which could lead to temporary blizzard conditions as well as a risk of hail and thunder in some locations. Daytime temperatures are likely to be between 2C and 5C, though strong gale-force winds will make it feel much colder.
Overnight, a frost will develop in most places with some severe frost likely where there is snow on the ground in the north.

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