26 January 2017

Favourite Toy.

Today I have been continuing my work around the veg garden, in particular the Raspberry patch which has been out of control for a number of years due to a bindweed infestation. I've slowly been reclaiming it by removing a row at a time and leaving the ground fallow and treating with Roundup over the summer before reinstating a new row. I have now cleared the final piece of ground which again I will clear over the summer before replanting next year.

Here are a couple of pictures from Wednesdays dog walk, they were both taken at what we know as 'The Post'.

A view across the fields from the crossing of tracks.

Here is Tess waiting by the post with her favourite stick - they are all her favourite, the only thing better than a stick is a ball.


Sara said...

If we all could be so content with just a stick....ah, the things we can learn from dogs.

Rob said...

That is true. I love the way they can play the same games all their lives without it becoming boring to them.