10 January 2017

If You Want Something Done Do It Yourself.

This is to be my first full week back at work since the Christmas break and one of the first jobs was to repair some broken glass in one of the greenhouses. I reported a broken pane a month ago but nothing has been done about it and so now because of the winds there are three panes to repair. As I don't have the tools for repairs such as this I make a temporary fix by fastening a fresh pane of glass over the broken one thereby closing off the hole and stopping the wind from getting in until the maintenance guy actually fixes it properly. People don't seem to realise that if you have a hole and wind blows in it has to go somewhere, a bit like over inflating a balloon, eventually if you keep on blowing it goes pop and in the case of a greenhouse the pop is another pane of glass which then means there are two holes letting in the wind so you can soon lose a complete greenhouse if the wind is strong enough.

One of the other jobs these past two days has been to dig over the long Dahlia border which I have completed this afternoon. It's a job I like to do as it makes planting easier in Spring also it might kill a few bugs if we get a cold spell.

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