21 July 2008

Day 14.

Day fourteen, my last day on the way started at 6:30 am, that was when I woke but I lay dozing for a while, it was hard to get myself moving, but I knew it was better to get going because then at least I would be warm. I just had chocolate biscuits for my breakfast this morning as I had no stove nor anything to cook but the biscuits were good enough. I started at 8:30 with a climb, on reaching the top of the hill I looked back to see who I assumed were my two friends from the B&B at Bellingham. They were a way back so I pressed on. There was quite a good path of stone paving which was a blessing. I had to try and be at Kirk Yetholm for 6 that evening so it just meant me maintaining a pace of 2 MPH which was easy enough to do so I wasn't under any pressure, I actually got a way in front of myself and was looking for a place to rest up a while. The trouble was when you stopped the wind was that cold you froze within a few minutes. I thought I found a good place and was about to settle down when I noticed a darkness approaching. I knew by now what this meant so I decided to move on quickly in the hope that I could reach the other mountain refuge hut I could just make out in the distance, and so rest up there a while. I didn't even make it half way before the heavens opened. It came on so fast and violent that my legs were soaked just in the time it took to get my waterproofs out and put on my coat, even so I still put on my waterproof trousers and rushed off down the hill from Auchope Cairn as fast as I could. It wasn't hard to gain speed as it was a steep slippery slope, the hard part was to try and not get too much speed up, or slip on my back. The rain was still coming down in buckets full as I burst through the door in to the hut. Inside there was one guy, he must have thought the devil was after me by the way I burst through the door. The guy turned out to be a volunteer ranger and it was good talking to him about various things. The peace was shattered when in walked four snot gobbler's from Surrey who were staying in their second home that they owned in the area - need I say more? The conversation now took a down turn, it seems they found it frightfully common to have a fish and chip van doing business within view of their holiday home, there then followed five minutes of debate as to who was going to have the last trout sandwich from their lunch box. I was glad to see the two lads who had been following me for the past couple of days come through the door, now at least the common people equalled the toffs and I no longer had to listen to their stupid plans to exclude poor people from area's of the Lake District by charging extortionate toll fees on certain roads that access popular beauty spots. Why do these sort think they have a god given right to have all the nice places to themselves? Especially when its people like them and their greedy ways that have turned the ugly places in to what they are today. Anyway the rain eventually stopped and they all cleared off, me and the ranger were the last to leave after exchanging views on what we'd just been witness too. The rest of the day was dry and I arrived in Kirk Yetholm at six as planned, Vicki and Tommy met me just out of the village and we all walked in together. I got changed and we went in to the Border Hotel for a drink and a meal which I think was much deserved. It had been a long hard two weeks of constantly pushing myself further and further, if you were to ask me whether I would like to start over again tomorrow then my answer would be no. If you were to ask if I enjoyed it, then yes for sure, it was a great adventure to a place everyone should visit but few ever do. I believe its why people go walkabout and the reason for Jesus spending time in the wilderness.


Jim said...

Congratulations Bob! That last was about the hardest, wasn't it.

I like the English chocolate biscuits. We get them when we come over to have for snacks. My figure wouldn't allow me to eat them for many breakfasts.

Those snot gobblers don't seem to be worth the air they breath either! I still am not sure what kind of people they are except low life people who think they are high stuff.

Matron said...

Amazing! all that graft with just a couple of choccie bikkies inside you! We look forward to some photos when you have relaxed at home and soaked your aching feet!

Bob said...

You just about got it there Jim, I call them high class no class, they have an over inflated opinion of themselves.

Bob said...

Hi Matron, the pics will be coming very soon, hope you like looking at fog and rain! The choccie biscuits are good, they give you plenty of energy, especially when you add the odd Mars Bar. The beauty of it is you don't have to worry about it adding you your figure as you work it all off no trouble.

Bob said...

Jim, if you go to Wednesday, 25 June 2008 on my blog you will see how I was able to keep on updating my blog whilst I was away, that and the help of Vicki of course, I emailed her and she put the email on here as a posting.

Kimmie said...

Hmm...I love the 'snot globbers' and the 'roundabouts'...those just aren't in the vocab here in the states. I am not sure I have the whole meaning of the first, but understand they are spoiled and intend within their hearts and the plans of their hands to also spoil for others.

Glad you had a most excellent adventure...and I love your point on Jesus and the wilderness.

What a wonderful time for you to be able to recall.

How sweet that Vicki and your boy were waiting for you.

cheers mate!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Jeanette said...

Congratulations Bob!on completing that long ardous walk,
I dont know how you kept going in all the bad weather.,it must have been what a wonderful sight for you to see Vicki and Tommy waitingat the end of your Trek.Well Done.
Snot gobblers we call them 2bob snobs..wouldnt waste my breath on some of them.and half of them wouldnt know what a good days was about, cause they were born with silver spoon in there mouth..look foward to seeing all your photo;s.

Woody Wilbury said...

Well done Bob; you've done well to complete it in such poor weather conditions. You were perhasp cutting it a bit fine in the last couple of days with no sleeping bag, tent, stove or food, and wet clothes too!!! But you managed to see off the Hooray Henrys and complete it. Good stuff. Hope you had a drink or several.