7 July 2008

Well day one on the pennine wet has been - WET! This morning was the worst, it came on just after crossing the M62 and it didn't stop until after Stoodly Pike, it was real mans rain too, I managed to keep pretty dry though. I met a man who told me it would get better later, he wasn't a weather guru or anything, the truth was it just couldn't get worse, unless it came on to snow. Anyway it did pick up later and even with the way the weather was I enjoyed it.My boots are working out okay, no blisters or sore feet. I got to the camp at 4PM, they haven't charged me for camping here but they have a little farm shop so I bought some beer and chocolate.I just got my tent up and someone else came to camp next top me, he is going the opposite way to me though.Since then another lad has come plus an older man with two boys.I was pretty glad to get here as I was beginning to tire, I don't think it helped with all the water soaking in to everything also I was a bit tired anyway from the early start, I am going to get an early night tonight as there isn't much to do.

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