18 July 2008

Day twelve on the Pennine Way has been a pretty wet affair, I spent the first few miles along Hadrians wall before heading off north once again, this time towards Wark Forest and beyond to Bellingham.On the way through the forest I met a girl walking from John O'Groats to Lands End which I thought was pretty neat. Its going to take her five months so I don't think there is any danger of me doing the same. By the time I have five weeks to spare I will be too old to walk. I've not seen anyone else walking the way today.I have to confess that as a spectacle I find the wall is cracked up to be better than it is, for me the inspiring thing is the countryside it was build in and also the amount of work that went in to building it. At the time it must have been a stunning sight. Now at best the wall is no more than six feet in height, what it needs are a couple of place to be restored to its original state just so one can get a true picture as to what its real appearance was.The walk throught the forest was very straight forward, the way being well sign posted. With the constant drizzle the long grass was very wet and in places the ground was boggy.After the forest the rest of the way was over farm land. I found a nice place to break by small river at Shitlington Hall Farm.The B&B I'm in tonight is okay, the room is nice and bright and there is a pub just across the road if one fancies a drink.Tomorrow I have a big day which will take me on to the Cheviot Hills, tomorrow night I will be roughing it hopefully in a mountain refuge hut.Bob.


Matron said...

Is it really called Shitlington Hall Farm? or did you just make that up Bob?

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob,Oh dear more Rain, I hope when you reach your next destination and sleeping under the stars the rain stops and you get a good nights rest. Good on you to keep going in all that wet weather,and hope for a few dry day to end your Trek.

Jim said...

You have really been having a wet hike. Too bad. I guess that girl was wet too, everyone probably was.

I used to like running in the rain, but after the run I could come, dry off, and get warm. Walking distances one isn't that fortunate.

Thanks for posting again, are you doing that from the B&Bs? (I probably missed what you told us, if so, I'm sorry).