4 July 2008

I'm Nothing Special.

Thanks everyone for your best wishes, they are much appreciated and for sure they will help me on my way over the nest couple of weeks because for sure there will be times when I will be needing the encouragement. I guess there are many of you who do not know that on such walks as this you experience every sort feeling there is to feel from the depths of dispair to the highest high. There are times when you will struggle like you never struggled before and then there are times when it comes so easy that you can't believe it. But whatever the situation I will be sure to remember you all and try to keep you informed of my progress. If the technology works I hope to email Vicki from time to time who in turn, if she has time is going to post it to my blog.
During the preperation for my adventure lots of poeple have said to me how they wish they were doing it too. Okay, some of you like Phil for instance don't live in this country and some of you may have some disability preventing you but I know many of those who have had wishes to join me have no such problems so I say to them have a go because there is nothing special about me, I wouldn't even say I'm particularly fit, just active. I may not even make it the whole way but at least I will have no regrets. So why not just have a go, start out as you did when you were a baby, take a few steps and increase it each time. Soon you will be walking for a whole day and from there you walk for two days and so on until you went and did a whole long walk. That might sound simple and thats because it really is that simple, if you have the will the hardest step you will ever take is that first one.
It sounds to me like you had lots of fun on your walks Phil, everyone should have as many 'Last Of The Summer Wine' moments as possible.


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