2 July 2008


Tonight I'm going to list the mileage and dates to the different sections of my walk along the Pennine Way. I hope to keep Vicki posted as to my progress and in turn if she has time she will let those of you who are interested know how things are going so I hope some of you will visit me along the way and even add the odd comment too as I'm sure it will be a great encouragement to me, or better still email me direct as I can recieve emails on my phone. You will find my address in my profile just click on the word 'email' or copy and paste this address robertharrison3@yahoo.co.uk .
First of all I will just point out that because I want to spend a day with Vicki and also the first part of the walk is close to my home and so I walk it regularly I'm starting my journey along the Pennine Way at the 31 mile mark.
The walk will start on the morning of the 5th July and will be 13 miles in length which will take me to Colden at 44 miles
6th July will be 17 miles and take me as far as Lothersdale at 61 miles.
7th July will be a bit shorter at 16 miles and this will take me Malham, a place I always look forward to visiting. http://www.malhamdale.com/
8th July will be 15 miles and will take me to Horton In Ribblesdale at 92 miles. http://www.aboutbritain.com/towns/horton-in-ribblesdale.asp
9th July will be an easy day of just 14 miles taking me to the market town of Hawes. http://www.stockdill.freeserve.co.uk/hawes/
10th July will be the longest day so far at 19 miles and this will take me to the Tan Hill Inn which is supposed to be the highest inn in England, the pitch is behind the pub so not far to stagger back to the tent, we will be at 124 miles by this point.
11th July will be an even longer day than yesterday at 20 miles and this will take us to 144 miles and the village of Holwick.
12th July will be 18 miles and will take us to 162 miles and the village of Dufton which is where I am to meet Vicki that evening. There will be no camping tonight as we have a B&B booked. This day will be a good day provided the weather is okay because I know from past experience that the walk will be full of interest. http://www.visitcumbria.com/pen/dufton.htm
13th is a day off.
14th July is a very short day of 10 miles and will take to the Greggs Hut and my first wild pitch of the walk
15th July will be 17 miles and will take me to Slaggyford at 189 miles.
16th July is another day of 17 miles and during this day I will reach Hadrians wall so although the day will start a bit dull it will end with great interest, tonights camp will be below the wall at a place called Once Brewed at 206 miles. http://www.hadrians-wall.org/
17th July will be 19 miles in length taking me to the small town of Bellingham.
18th July will be the longest day of the walk at 21 miles and this will take me to the Roman camp at Chew Green on the border between England and Scotland, my second wild pitch of the walk at 246 miles.
19th July 16 mlies taking me to just beyond the Cheviot Hill which again will be a wild pitch at 262 miles.
20th July and the last day of the walk will be just 8 miles to Kirk Yetholm at 270 miles.
All distances are based on those given in A Wainwright's 'Pennine Way Companion' guide book, this is the guide book I will be using along the way.


Lois said...

It is a very adventurous accomlishment that you are setting out to do Bob. Although I would probably not do something of this nature, just reading about your plans, and having the chance to follow along has been inspiring to me. I wish you all the best each day, no mishaps, and fair weather.
Thank you for writing about this it is most interesting.

Philip Voice said...


I really envy you :)

I would love to be doing what you are about to embark on and it is probably one of the things I miss from the UK.

We have great walks here, don't get me wrong, but I had three mates and we walked the Ridegway, The Pembrokeshire Coast and Snowdon in January - we were like the last of the summer wine :)

Have a great time and I look forward to reading about your adventures.