1 January 2009


I hope you all enjoyed your New Years Eve celebrations if any were had. I know for some people it passes just as any other night does and there is nothing wrong with that because basically thats really all that happens other than the year changes as well.

We had a good night with some friends from back home. We traveled down after Vicki finished work and returned after the party. It was my kind of party, the food was good, the drink plentiful and the entertainment was in the old style where of if you had a talent you got up and used it to entertain. Unfortunately my talents are not such that I'm able to play or sing or tell jokes, I think the talent God gave me was a tolerance to listen to older people talk about their flu jabs and the last ten years weather stastics etc. and in that respect I was put to quite often. It was good to meet old friend and make some new ones. Below is a picture I took of three of the guys partaking in one of the many musical interludes.

I just have a couple more pics to show you from Christmas, Christmas Eve to be precise. This next picture is of Tom, you've all seen him with his happy smiling face well I show you this picture because its a different face, his serious face, this is Tommy's 'back off' face, his ears are down, his mouth close and has a staring eyes. This is the look he saves for you when he doesn't want to get off the bed or be left behind when you're going on a trip etc.

...and this is what he is telling everyone to keep away from.
In the blue bag nearest to him are all the doggy presents and as every dog owner knows you can't fool a dog by wrapping a present in paper. They know exactly which ones are chocs, biscuits or doggy treats. Well we brought this bag down and place it next to the tree before going to bed on Christmas Eve and Tom immediately went in to guard dog mode and wouldn't let anyone near it which I thought was quite funny and pretty smart too.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Bob, how I recognise that doggy expression. I don't think it is possible to fool a dog - they are wiser and more knowing than they everlet on. Here's wishing you a joyous 2009 - may all your seeds grow into prize-winning plants - or whatever you wish for yourself.

salina said...

That's my kind party.
Growing up it seemed like my family was always getting together and singing and playing instruments. I really miss that. I don't know what happened but there is rarely a time when the family gets together like that anymore.

Your Tom's expression is one that our oldest dog Wishbone has quite often where he almost looks like he knows more than a dog should.:) Your Tom is quite the character.:)

Sara said...

Tommy is one smart dog. He really knows how to manipulate humans! I bet he was thinking, "What a waste of paper!"

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, Just popped in to wishing you and yours a very prosporus and healthy New Year 2009 Great Pics of all enjoying Christmas Dinner, Ahhh Love the expression on Tommy's face Guarding his treats.

Lois said...

Your discription of how you spent New Years Eve made me very wistful for a community like that.
I spent it alone with my husband with my foster daughter asleep in her crib, and although I am so thankful for that, it is a night that needs friends and community, something in this phase of our life we have lost somewhat. somthing for me to think about this new year, and see what can be done about that.
I almost think that is what draws me to blogging is the connection with other people that I dont have in my immediate life. Maybe not so healthy? But I am being a little too introspective for the comment section aren't I.
Thanks for the peek at your life, it is comforting to know a person who truly enjoys his family, his work and his days. And not to forget his dog.
Happy New year Bob. Happy blogging in 2009

Jim said...

Hi Bob, that Tommy is a good dog! Our Katrin would have torn into that sack in an instant and then would have eaten until they were gone. And if anyone dare even look at her she would growl and guard like your Tom.

Happy New Year to y'all!
We will be out of pocket for a couple of weeks now except for the Internet cafes and shipboard Internet.