1 January 2009

Making Christmas Special.

Seen as how I'm not at work this week I wasn't going to blog awhile but it was brought to my attention last night that some people turn on their computers just to see what I wrote about and its disappointing when there is nothing.

So, why haven't you done any bloggin'?

'Bob' I've not been at work so there isn't much to say.

What have you been doing then?

'Bob' eer... well nothing, I'm on holiday.

So this post is to avoid further disappointment and to say thanks to SOME of the people who made my Christmas special.

Some people worked very hard to make Christmas special for me, below is one of them.

Mums always make Christmas special - here is mine

Enjoying the rewards of their labours - time to eat the Christmas pudding, well, thats if we can leave the wine alone!

Then of course there were those that just opened presents, played with them, eat too much and then fell asleep in front of the fire - tut tut, shame on them!

Have a Happy New Year,

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Red Clover said...

You mom looks wonderful! Happy New Year Bob and Vicki