14 January 2009

Life On The Edge.

An old footbridge over Colden Water.

Temp Low: 3C
Temp High: 5C
Feels Like: -4 to 4C
Percipitation: 0mm
Wind Speed: 17 mph
Wind Direction: S
UV Index: Low
Weather: Mostly sunny.


Tending the sheep.
08:30 09:30
1) Took across some hay.
2) Checked and counted the sheep.
3) Broke the ice on the water trough.
4) Took across a bag of minerals as there was none left in the bucket or trouugh.

Seeing to the greenhouses
09:30 10:30
Did some watering.

Break for tea.
10:30 10:45
1 mug of tea

Walled Garden
Edging Long Walk
10:45 12:45
Putting an around the conifers on the long walk.

Break for lunch
12:45 13:45
1 mug of tea, 4 golden syrup sandwiches and 4 pieces of malt loaf. (Note 2).

Walled Garden
Edging Long Walk
13:45 16:15
Finshed edging around the conifer trees.

Walled Garden
Veg garden
16:15 16:45

Potting Shed
Clean and put away the tools.
16:45 17:10

1) The layout is a bit different tonight due to my computer not working properly so I'm having to post in a different way to normal.

2) I was going to have Mulberry jam but I couldn't get the top off the jar!


Mad Bush Farm Crew Thats okay about being busy, I'm always torn between actually writing a post or visiting people as I don't always have time for both. I also know how busy farm life can be in the summer.

salina The road out of the valley is very steep in places and winds its way between stone built houses clinging to the hillside.

Sara The countryside at this point of the walk is that of the Bronte sisters who wrote such books as Wuthering Heights, my next pictures will be of the moors around where they lived.

Red Clover If I give you two pictures everyday I might run out of pictures! Here its not too cold now but very wet, muddy and GREY.

The Weaver of Grass I am still pretty busy, I guess I must have learnt to make it look easy LOL! The cellar work was quite hard really and a bit pointless to my mind as all I was doing was moving the logs from one side of the cellar to the other but they want it like that so I have to do it.

Jeanette It was too hot inside for me, I worked up a right sweat. I don't know how you cope with those temps, I wouldn't mind your sunshine though.


Sara said...

I keep coming back to your blog to look at your photos of all that lush greenery on the Pennine Way! It is so cold, white and grey here. While winter has its own beauty, this bitter cold has me thinking of spring.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob. I love all your country sided photo's.. that Bridge looks a little rickerty to walk on..
Well Bob the Temp made it to 43c its was to hot to venture outside stayed inside with air con it was also a very uncomfortable night it was still 29c at midnight slept with the fan on all night...
Keep warm Bob...Jen

OOppps my xmas /new year pics are up

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

That's a great photo Bob. I concur with Heanette it does look a little worrying. Our temperature made it to 30c here on the farm which for New Zealand is seriously warm we have had higher here a couple of years a go. You have to break Ice on troughs I have to keep filling them up!

All the best