27 July 2010

Over Night Stay.

Tonight I had to leave Tippy at the vets so that she could go on a drip as she wasn't getting enough fluids from the amount she was able to drink. I asked the vet if there was a chance that all the treatment would cure her or was I just prolonging the agony for her? She didn't really give me any kind of a definate answer so tonight I am waiting to see how she is tomorrow. I hope they never make it possible for people to have the power to end the lives of loved ones because no one should have to face or live with the feeling that they chose to end the life of a friend.
Even if its for all the right reasons. Its actualy very similar to the feelings I had when people were putting me under pressure not to take to Tommy when I found him, I just find it so hard to let go. Anyway all is not quite lost yet, hopefully tomorrow will bring better news.
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Sara said...

I hope with the fluids you find Tippy in a better condition in the morning, with renewed strength.

Take care.

Kimmie said...

Hoping for good news in the morning. Love is hard,isn't it?

How are you feeling?

When does Vicki come home?

So much to deal with alone (though I do hope she enjoys her time away.)