26 July 2010

Sick Day.

I have spent most of today lying around. When I got home last night I had a temperature of 102 and the cold I'd been nursing sinse last Monday had moved to my chest leaving me with an extremely sore throat and a violent cough. During the course of today my temp has gone back to normal so I guess that means I'm getting better. I feel very drained and my throat is still a bit rough.

I've not really been with it as to what's been happening around here today, usually the dogs tend to come and go as they please but I suddenly realised I hadn't seen Tippy in a while so I went to find her. She hasn't been very well for a while now and has virtually stopped eating. Now I can't get her to stand up or even drink some milk so its not looking so good. I've put her on her bed by the side of mine. Its quite upsetting.

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Sara said...

I'm sorry you're not well. Hope you are feeling better in the morning.

So, so sad to hear about Tippy. Dogs are such gifts, and it is heartbreaking when we see them like that.

Take care.