30 May 2011

Back on form.

First of all I would like to thank Emily for giving me an award, if you want to visit her blog click on the 'Friendship' button in my sidebar. I personally find her writing a great insight in to the life of a younger person living in another country.

Today has been a holiday here in the UK so no work for me. There wasn't chance to do much of anything as it's rained all day but I'm not complaining as it's the first real rain we've had for sveral months now so everywhere was in need of it. So to pass the time me and Vicki hit the garden centre trail and visited a couple of local garden centres at one of which we had dinner which was a nice.

Tess has been a bit off colour these past couple of days with an upset tummy but she seems pretty much recovered today and has been back up to full energy. There was a bit of an incident tonight when she jumped at Tommy's face one time to many and he gave her a nip back which I think probably shocked her more than hurt her and hopefully taught her a lesson but even so I made it clear to Tom that I wasn't best pleased at him taking things in to his own hands. I think he was quite upset himself and did it without thinking. Anyway I will try and watch them more closely for a while as I don't want anything developing along those lines.
I took this short video just a few minutes ago, seems like she found herself a nice place to go to sleep.


Sara said...

Awww. She's so cute in the bucket. That would be a fun trick!

I'm sure Tommy and Tess will work things out.

ellen abbott said...

she is very cute. Poor Tommy. Puppies can be tiresome even when you aren't an old dog.

Emily C. said...

thanks for mentioning me in your post AND linking the friendship button to my blog :)

glad to hear that Tess have recovered! Awwh, she's really cute! Hope she sleeps well there! :)

Ludo van Doggy said...

Hello, I came by from if Barking burned calories to say hello and meet your new arrival.
~lickies, Ludo

HORIZON said...

OK- That's enough of Tess tonight- l am besotted! I want a border collie puppy now- l want one!!! Think l'm going through to wake my husband and tell him- perhaps not-lol
Glad you and Vicki got to visit the garden centres and pleased you got some rain at last. We've been watching the news and you guys need rain- would be happy to send a bucket or two.....hundred through the mail???