14 May 2011


Look what we've got! She has been have a good explore round the house ever since got back.


Sara said...

Oh Rob! She's absolutely precious!


Kimmie said...

Oh I LOVE HER>>>!! And I love her name too...congratulations! How sweet and good for you and Vicki!

liZZie said...

There's nothing better. How's Tommy with her? What's the story?

Theoismycat said...

Aww! So cute!

Dougie W. said...

Border Collies are the finest dogs, I'm a bit biased because we have a beautiful 2 year old Collie called Boomer who is the life and soul of our home. We got her at 8 Weeks old. I'm sure you are going to have lots of fun with this cute looking bundle of energy :o)