3 May 2011

Baslow Old Bridge.

On Saturday daughter Fallon was able to look after the dogs so I took the opportunity to go for a walk, I will show you the pictures of which over the next few days. Today's pictures are from the village of Baslow and inparticular it's old stone bridge. Below is one of the main roads through the village, if you want piece and quiet in Baslow you have to move away from these busy roads.
The old bridge at Baslow was built in 1603 and one of it's claims to fame is that it is the only bridge over the river derwent never to have been destroyed by floods. The stone bridge you see today replaced a wooden bridge which was patrolled on a rota basis by all the men of the village that were fit enough to do so, their task being to enforce the weight restrition rules in force at the time. For this reason at one end of the bridge is a small watchman's hut which you can see in the picture below. It perhaps appears smaller today due to the road having gained depth over time due to resurfacing.
This is the view of the River Derwent from the old bridge.

 This is looking back to the main road from the bridge.
A few people have shown concern for me after I had to restrict access to my blog for a few days. There is no real problem as such but there was a potential for one so I had to remove some posts so as to avert any trouble certain people could have caused had they been so minded.

This afternoon I went to help the farmer tend to the sheep as we have been having trouble with them getting fly blown so we treated them for that and also wormed them so hopefully they will be no more trouble until shearing time.

In the gardens today I started my summer working hours which means I have to work an extra hour for the next four months.

With us not having seen any rain since February I am having to spend quite a bit of time each day watering one thing or another.

The rest of the day has been spent doing general duties such as tying up plants and weeding and edging borders. Talking of tying up plants, anyone that grows such things as Blackberries or Tayberries etc. need to watch out for the new growth and then tie it in as it grows or you will soon end up with a tangles mess that you can't do anything with. I go round once a week and just tie the new growth in to the wires, preferably all to the same side of the plant.

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Anonymous said...

Baslow looks quite nice...I'll have to admit I wouldn't want to be walking through town when the traffic was heavy! Love the river and the story of the bridge! We haven't gotten much rain here for some time either...so I water my container plants by hand for the time being! So your summer schedule has started, with that extra hour of work! Hope things continue to go well for your blog...I missed your posts!