18 May 2011

A visit from the warderobe inspector.

Tonight me and Tommy have been making part of the garden puppy proof. It already is dog proof but a certain determined puppy has managed to wriggle it's way through the wire on a couple of occasions so we have put up a temporary fence inside the garden and put some smaller netting on part of the outside so hopefully that will keep her in until she is to big to fit through the holes in the boundary fence.

Also tonight we had the wardrobe inspector come to pay us a visit, I think she was checking for woodworm or maybe a poor unsuspecting spider that might have set up home in some far flung corner of the wardrobes in the spare room.
It was quite an extensive inspection, leaving one feeling quite exhausted.
When you feel like that there is only one thing to do - take a nap.


Sara said...

We had to puppy proof our fence too.

Boy inspecting sure looks like difficult work! Tess is littler than I thought...unless someone has really big feet!

Chicken lover said...

Aaahh gorgeous pics
Our puppy, Percy pug has his 1st birthday next week and will be celebrating it at the seaside

Doc said...

Well now you wouldn’t want woodworm and she looks like she is a pretty good inspector. Seeing her could almost make me want another pup....almost.

Darlene said...

Sweet dreams, Tess.

ellen abbott said...

no wonder she gets through the holes. she's hardly bigger than your boot.

Wyatt said...

Why do pups find our shoes and slippers so amazing? Wyatt just shoves his nose in our work boots and inhales so deeply, you think he would pass out...BOL!

Wyatt's Mom

Matron said...

Oh Tess! welcome to blogland! I just love getting to know new blog dogs as we go about our business in the garden. Leo sends his love! I think if they were ever to get together, he would try to pick her up and retrieve her.. and she would try to round him up! I wonder who would win? All the best!

Gail said...

Tess, you are a delight!

Thank you, Tommy, for welcoming her without question.

Kristin G. said...

Cute, cute, cute!!