19 May 2011

Some answers about Tess

I've been asked a few questions about Tess that I haven't answered yet, mostly because I'm spending lots of time with her and I still have all the normal stuff to do like take Tommy for a walk. Anyway I will answer them now. Someone asked me what the storry is behind getting Tess. Well basically it's down to the fact that Tommy has got to take it easy on account of his bad joints so there is no more long walks for him so because Vicki doesn't want me and tom sitting around watching motor racing and getting fat she found Tess for me, well it's worked because there is no way anyone can get fat running around after her all the time! So we really we got her to save Tommy's legs.

 Sara commented on the size of Tess so below is a picture of her against my size 10 foot so that should give you some idea of her size. She was born on the 30th March so that makes her around 7 weeks old.

 Kimmie asked how does she gets on with Tommy, well as you can see below they get on well most of the time, he gets a bit grumpy when she jumps at his face but he just tells her to get off. You can also see from those picture what size she is in relation to Tommy. Scampi doesn't get on  so well with her yet, Tess seems to think she is a sheep and keeps trying to herd her but Scampi doesn't want to play so ends up running off and of course this just means Tess has to do more herding!!

Tess with her uncle Tommy.
I just put this picture on because I like it.


Sara said...

Thanks for all the info on Tess. She has the sweetest little face,and I think she and Chewy would be best friends. They could jump on each other's face, instead of poor Tommy and Oreo.

I hope Scampi comes to accept her as well.

OldSouth said...

What a beauty! Thanks for sharing the pics and the story.

sagechronicles said...

Tess is such a cutie! Jumping on Tom's face was just what Sage did as a puppy! And they are fast friends now. Glad to see you have an "energizer-bunny" to keep you all active!!

Louellen Lawson said...

after having to put our bc down in april, my dau. has been longingly looking through pictures of bc puppies. tess sure is a cutie.

ellen abbott said...

such a cutie.

Emma Rose said...

Oh my gosh, she is adorable! Congrats on the new family member :)

Emma Rose

HORIZON said...

Tommy and Tess look so good together- especially love the last photo of Tess though- darling.
I can understand Vicki's motives for getting you out of the house Rob-lol. Tell her that l said hello please :)
I just love that milky smell you get from wee puppies like Tess- can still remember it from our Callum.
I'm jealous.
bests for the noo

Kristin G. said...

I like the photo of her with the little duck toy too. I'm glad you shared it. :)