1 June 2011


I'm home for lunch after spending most of the morning planting up the south front wall with Petunia's. It will take most of what's left of today to get the front garden planted up for summer.


Mercedé said...

I like petunias, they have got rich colurs. My childhood home was full of petunias and where ever I see them I remember my childhood.

I live in a flat now, but I like having houseplants. I bought a Benjamin Amster plant last year, which is a small tree. It lost most of its leaves this winter but I started looking after it and now seeing new twigs on it make me happy.

Retainage said...

I too own a Border Collie and love him to death. I'm in the process of training him right now but I love your blog and makes me wanna make me one about my collie as well.
If you would like to keep in touch and share collie stories im here at my blog - Equitable Aces