20 June 2011

Birthday video.

Hello everyone, I would like to thank Merle for wishing me a happy birthday. I have had a good day and what with fathers day yesterday and my birthday today I have quite a collection of cards and presents.

Tonight I will show you a video I took the other day which shows Tess playing with a ball on a rope and then at the end Tommy is asking for a treat, I'm not sure why but no doubt he had a valid reason.


Sara said...

Both dogs are so cute. I love how Tommy's tail wags whenever he looks at you. What a sweetie.

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day to you! My dad's birthday always falls a day or 2 away from Father's day as well (June 17th).

ellen abbott said...

oh, well, happy birthday.

Chicken lover said...

Hope you had a good un!

sagechronicles said...

Happy birthday, Rob!

Tommy says he need LOTS of treats for putting up with that young 'un. I know my Toby feels the same way!!

Bella said...

Hi Rob,
Well Happy Birthday Fathers Day and almost Summer! What a week for you!!!
Tess is a beauty!! a big bouncy puppy:-)) I hope sweet Tommy succeded in his cookie quest! He looks deserving! My dogs believe after playing outside they have earned a treat for all their effort:-)
Have a great Day!!

Gail said...

Happy Birthday!!

John Gray said...

belated best wishes Rob
take care

Wyatt said...

What a bundle of energy, that Tess is a doll.
Happy Birthday, Rob!
Treats for everyone!

Wyatt and Stanzie and Mom

Amy Wood said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday and Father's Day!
Great video! Tess sure is growing fast!

Matron said...

Happy Birthday, a couple of days late! Tess is really growing! Tommy is such a character!

HORIZON said...

Happy belated birthday Rob- wishing you all the best from Argyll ! Merle somehow knew it was my wedding anniversary yesterday- l think she must keep it noted down somewhere- puts me to shame.
Bests for the now