1 June 2011

Tess learning to fetch the ball, sit, shake paws - and play.

I took this video of Tess during my lunch break today, it was just a little play session but at the same time I was teaching her to fetch the ball, sit (which she does all the time now without any trouble) and a new game she is learning which is to shake paws.

When you see her hanging on to the ball it's not because she won't let me have it, it's a soft ball and it gets stuck on her sharp little teeth. Also you will notice her stop and look up at the sky, there was a crow that took her attention, she is quite easily distracted at the moment.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the video, sorry we go out of shot for a short while at one point.


Darlene said...

Oh I do love a puppy's belly!

Well done, Tess!

Amy Wood said...

She looks like she is getting the hang of it. Great job! What a cutie!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh, she is too cute for words. I loved the video, thanks for sharing it. Love when Tess gets distracted by the crow, so cute!

HORIZON said...

Hello Rob. What a lovely video- i enjoyed watching you teach Tess to fetch- enjoyed the birds in background too- what a lovely quiet place to stay. I want a Tess now.
I'm playing catch-up with the blogs just now- ended up in hospital with gastroenteritis- hope l spelled that right. I'm much better now though- looking forward to some decent weather this weekend- my garden is needing some work doing.
hope all going well for you and family

Sara said...

Rob, you are an excellent fetcher, and looks like Tess was catching on at the end! She is so precious, and I loved her "shake".

Really loving her curled up tail. So darn cute.

ellen abbott said...

what a delightful puppy. but then, aren't they all?

Gail said...

Great progress!

Matron said...

Have you entered her for Mastermind or Brain of Britain yet? what a star!

Chicken lover said...

Hi Rob
Love your Yorkshire accent including the 'oiy'
Tess is a lovely pup

Chris said...

What a sweetie Tess is! Such a bright little girl :)

Anonymous said...

Tess is absolutely adorable...and she's grown so much!