8 June 2011

First bath for Tess.

Look what happened to my puppy!

Scampi was having a bath the other night so I thought I would take Tess in to take a look, the next thing you know is she is in the bath and Vicki is handing me the shampoo. I think she was a bit bewildered at first but once out was soon recovered and was up for a fight with the towel in no time at all. She was actually quite lively - even more lively afterwards so I don't know what the bath most have done to her.

Last night as I was finishing work I noticed this dog roaming around outside our house.It didn't dawn on me at first but then I suddenly realise with great horror that it was Tess! Vicki had taken the other two out to play ball and Tess decided she wasn't going to miss out on the action and even though there is a wire netting fence all around the garden she still made her escape. She has learned to climb up the inside of the conifer hedge and then drop down over the wire. So last night was spent modifying the fencing arrangement, I now have the wire netting on the inside of the conifer hedge so that she can't get to the conifers to climb up them. It looks a bit more unsightly with it being on this side of the hedge but it's absolutely vital that she doesn't escape as the gamekeeper would shoot her if she frightened his pheasants and I would probably lose my job as well. thankfully it happened when we were close to hand and was able to get her back with no harm done.

Tonight she went to the vets to get micro chipped and have her second vaccination. The vet says I have to wait another two weeks before I can start taking her for a walk, she will be going stir crazy by then!


Sara said...

Oh, Tess' first bath. Baths always charge myt dogs up, and they run around crazily afterward.

Seems as though Tess is quite the explorer! Fearless of heights as well.

Doc said...

I am so glad you saw the little sneak before anything happened to her.

Gail said...

Looks like they enjoy that bath as much as our dogs do!

I was kidding on my post, I am for a one on one marriage.

HORIZON said...

Oh Tess has a wash- her eyes in that second photo say it all-lol
Glad you managed to get the escape artist back in - these are hard times waiting to go for that first walk- poor Tess :)
Bests for now Rob-

Amy Wood said...

Tess sure does keep you on your toes! She looked so cute getting her bath.

ellen abbott said...

yikes! so glad you saw her out. my daughter and her family had a dog that would climb the 4' high chain link fence to get out of the yard. We couldn't figure out how she was getting out but then one day I happened to look out just as she was climbing the fence.

Sam said...

Wow! I'm so glad nothing serious happened!

She looks so completely sad in the one bath picture! We hope she got lots of treats afterwards!


ellen abbott said...

Rob, I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog about the darkness but you have one of those 'noreply-comment' things so I'll do it here. you are so right about being able to see better in the dark. at one time I worked as a river guide and we would take people on trips out to a very isolated place where there were absolutely no lights anywhere around except those in the sky. Full moon nights were so bright but even on moonless nights you could see really well just by the starlight. of course, as soon as someone walked up with a flashlight, it ruined your night vision. I hardly ever used a flashlight. only if the latrine was in a spot that the starlight couldn't penetrate. It's a shame that there are generations of people living in cities who have never seen the stars and have no idea of the Milky Way.

JCF said...


With our Labradors, it always amazed me that dogs who loved water THAT MUCH, could be so averse to when it came warm (w/ soap) in a wash tub!