29 March 2012

New Ford TW25.

Yesterday as stated in my last post I took delivery of my new tractor. In real terms it's not actually a modern day tractor but I don't think that matters to much when it comes to playing the game, you need a tractor that's up to the job but a lot is down to person preference. I chose this particular model because I used to drive one on occasion. The tractors you start your career with are old and not very powerful and not really the sort of tractor you want to be seen driving around on. I wanted something bigger than the start up models so I can add better and bigger machinery. That doesn't mean to say you want the biggest tractor going because sometimes it isn't possible to fit in to some places with them if they're to big. Anyway this tractor has turned out to be a good choice because not only does it fit the bill it's also pretty cheap to buy at 20,000 dollars. When you first start your career you only have a limited amount of cash to spend. I don't remember exactly and I can't check now but I think this tractor is something like a third of a price of something equivalent on sale at the farming shop, so I'm pleased with it. I think it looks okay and sounds good and work very well although there is some kind of issue when coupling up the trailer. I don't know if this happens with anything other than the trailer provided but it doesn't affect the game at all so I can live with that. It also comes with a set of dual wheels, the front set and rear set can be added and removed separately, press 9 on the keyboard to add/remove the rear set of wheels and 8 to add/remove the front set. Pressing 7 adds or removes the front weights, 6 operates the rear working lights and 5 starts the tractor which had me baffled for a while because the normal key for starting the machines is the letter E. As it turns out I was being dumb though because if you look at the display on the corner pillar of the cab there is a key symbol with a 5 by the side of it. Anyway we got that figured out okay in the end. When you start your career you have a certain amount of cash in the bank and there are some 'Fruits' as they are called, i.e. Wheat, Barley etc. that can be carted off the farm to be sold in various places so you can use these funds to buy your new toys, I chose to sell the old yellow combine as there was already a green one so I figured I didn't need two so I sold that to pay for the new tractor and also have some cast left over. Today I am going to look in to buying at least one new trailer as the one provided isn't really enough but more about that another time.

There is another function on the display in the cab of the tractor and this is operated by pressing the 'PgUp and PgDn' keys on the keyboard but as yet I can't see what they do so if you know can you let me know please.

This tractor is what is known as a 'Mod'. You won't find it at the farming shop without you first download it from here http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads It's easy enough to install if you follow the instructions, it should go to your 'Downloads' from where you either extract it to a folder in 'Documents' called 'My Games' in which there should be your 'Farming Simulator' folder. Once you have it in that folder the game just finds it when you play. On some of the 'Mods' you can just double click on the downloaded folder and everything is done for you without unzipping anything, it depends on which file you download. But as I say it's all explained and really simple.

I will leave you with a video of the picking up of the new tractor and the drive back to the farm. By the way I apologise if you were the driver of the car that passed me as I was on the way to the barn, I'm not used to you all driving on the wrong side of the road!!

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