21 March 2012

Roof Shelf

This morning I have put up the roof shelf in the cool greenhouse. Eventually this will have strawberry plants on it but for the time being its a good place to put the seedlings before they get pricked out. They don't get eaten by slugs when up there.

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EB said...

Interesting. I'd be worried that it would get very hot up there but clearly you've used it regularly so it can't. Good ventilation, presumably. Nice greenhouse!

Rob said...

You do have to be aware of the sun and adjust things accordingly. The vents are always open on nice days and shading is added if the sun especially strong. it's also important to make sure they don't dry out.

Tia Manly said...

The new, blue roof makes your house appear more lively and attractive. And even though it’s just the roof that is replaced, it’s as if the entire house is new. It goes to show that the roof does play a vital role in making a house look more appealing from the outside.