26 March 2012

Top Dressing

Office work
  08:20-09:00 (Home) 
Sorted out my calendar for this week. Arranged jobs that need to be done the week if possible.

See to the sheep
  09:00-09:20 (Field) 
1) Took across some hay.
2) Put out some minerals.
3) Checked and counted the sheep. The first lambs were born yesterday.

Remove the fleece
  09:20-09:25 (West Wall) 
Remove the fleece from the Peach tree.

See to the greenhouses
Checked and watered round.

10:20-10:30 (Dowager House)
Watered the window boxes

Break time
10:30-10:50 (Home) 

  10:50-11:45 (Public Gardens) 
Strimmed round where I can't get with the mowers.

Tidy up the gravel
  11:45-12:35 (Courtyard) 
We had some bikers round yesterday causing havoc skiding up the gravel and speeding around the place so I need to clear it off the grass and level it all out.

See to the greenhouses
Did some damping down as it was quite warm today.

Lunch time
12:45-13:30 (Home) 

Add more plants to the stone trough
North Front
Put in some blue primula's

Top dress the Hosta's
14:00-14:20 (Church Gate) 
Top dressed with chicken manure pellets and worked in with the hoe.

14:20-14:45 (North Front)
Planted some Polyanthus by the rock garden steps.

Top dress the roses
14:45-16:45 (North Front)
Top dressed the big bed with rose fertiliser and the rest with chicken manure pellets.

Clean and put away the tools

  16:45-16:55 (Potting shed) 
Clean, oil and put away any tools used today, also tidy the potting shed.

Cover the Peach tree
  16:55-17:00 (West Wall) 
Cover the Peach tree to guard against any frost damage to the flowers.

See to the greenhouses
Check round and close the air vents.


Anonymous said...

another busy day...exciting about the baby lambs! added work having to clean up after the bicyclers!

Beth said...

You amaze me, the way you keep going and going!

Wyatt said...

Busy Busy! Would love to see a picture of the baby lambs...such a spring sight!
Enjoy the nice weather.