30 March 2012

Richard Western Trailer.

Last night the first job was to go over to the farm store and buy myself a new trailer. I decided to go for a 'Richard Western' Trailer, http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/56/18129. I chose this one because basically I liked the look of it. It works okay in the game except for when tipping the contents which appear to be missing the hole but the load is registering as having gone in the right place and there is no heap left behind when you move off so that's not to bad. I posed a question yesterday about attaching the green trailer to my Ford and would the same thing happen with all the trailers but it appears to be the green trailer that it doesn't like as this new one hooks up okay whereas the green one leaps about ten feet off the ground for some reason which looks a bit strange but as I said yesterday, once it's landed back on it's wheels it functions as intended.

Below is a video of the Richard Western trailer.
Also last night I loaded a new map and I think this is the one I'm mostly going to call home. This is the link to the map which is called Wellbrook Farms. http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/5/17281  The surprising thing about this map is that of all the maps I've tried this is the first one where you start off with some decent machinery. I haven't explored it to any great extent but it seems a big map with three farms and more fields than you can hope for, probably way to many for one person to work but if I understand it right you can just work what you want to and forget the rest. The map is very authentic of the UK countryside with various shapes to the fields and undulating landscape. The farms have a good range of buildings arranged in a way to make using the game great fun. I've been using the East Peak Farms map most of the time and I will keep that game going as it's a nice map to use but I think I will forget about any of the others and make Wellbrook my main game from now on. On most of the maps that I have tried the satnav thingy on the PDA that shows you where you are doesn't work in that respect but on the Wellbrook map it works fine. I wish there was a plan of the whole farm so as to get a better understanding of where everything is in relation to each other. I guess in time you figure out which is the quickest way to the mill from where you are. You can drive round and round until you don't have a clue as to which way is back to the farm

I had a go at harvesting some Barley on the East Peak Farms map last night (See the above video) which is where I bought the new trailer for, it's proving to be quite a slow job with the old combine harvester that I have so I'm looking in to buying a new one when I have saved up some cash. I want something with a bigger cut mainly as I'm going round and round and hardly getting anywhere.

I also mentioned yesterday that I couldn't work out what the PgUp/PgDn button was for, well it appears to turn off the notifications on the screen so that's put another one to rest.

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