11 December 2013

11 Dec

11 Dec, 2013
Rating: ----- Category: Business
Seeing to the dogs. Fed Blondie, put the dogs in the garden, cleaned the kennels,
freshened the bedding, put down fresh water, prepared the meals for later. Bumped into Adam so had a bit of a chat with him. He asked about what time I was having off plus how much Christmas bonus I get, I got the impression he was quizzing me on half of someone else.

Rating: ----- Category: Business
Fed the sheep. Took across some hay, checked and counted them.

Rating: -----
Category: Work Book
Making some markers for the four new trees up the narrow baulk so the person cutting the hedges can see where the trees are and so no cut off their tops.
Rating: -----
Category: Work Book
Got some Parsnips and Apples for the hall.
Rating: 4
Category: Work Book
Made a start on laying new gravel in front of the garden house.
Rating: 3
Category: Work Book
Took Tess and went marking the trees with the markers I made this morning.


Beth said...

It has been a long time since you posted. I hope your family is well.

Rob said...

Yes my family are basically ok if you take away the wear and tear of life. I guess I should try and keep this blog up to date more but I must confess the internet has lost a lot of its appeal of late. I preferred it when it was something for enthusiasts rather than a place for every Tom Dick and Harry to rip you off.

Doc said...

Such a delight seeing your blog pop up. I have missed reading about your work and travels. Do you still take your walking trips? Winter has hit us here so not much to do in the gardens.

Rob said...

I'm not able to go walking very often these days as Tommy can't be left by himself for long, I plan to start again one day though.