26 December 2013

Boxing Day

Got up and dressed, I could have stayed in bed longer but Vicki was up and busy so I would have felt guilty. We have family coming today so I do need to get moving as there are things to do..

My family have just arrived for the day and we are enjoying another round of present opening which Tess likes to get actively involved in.

Tommy guarding the chocolates.

'The old fool can have the chocolates but I'm having the fire'.

My family left for home. We settled down to watch Gangsta Gran which is a bit of a TV spoof.

Time for bed now after another great day, I always find it a little sad that the main part is now over for another year, it comes and goes to quickly and it seems to become more about shopping and less about Christmas. 

1 comment:

Sara said...

Well all three dogs look to be in the spirit of things. Wonder if Tommy was dreaming about chocolate?

It does go by so quickly.