20 December 2013

Time For A Break.

That's the end of another year in the garden for me. I finished work at 4:30pm this afternoon and I won't be returning until in the new year. I have offered to feed the sheep and the dogs but I will keep a record of the time I spend on those jobs and add the time to the end of my holiday. I look forward to this break as I see it as a relaxing holiday. I enjoyed the holiday in Italy in October also the one to the Isle Of Wight but they were far from relaxing.

This morning I lit the fire in the garden house for the beaters who accompany the shoot. This is the first time I have had to light it this year on account of the weather being so mild.

I fed the dogs this morning but no one seemed very interested in eating anything. Scampi eat her food but she will usually eat anything and then throw it up if she is I'll so I only gave her a little bit. Tess didn't eat anything and Tommy only eat a very small amount.

I am up with Tommy which is a regular thing these nights, which feels like a bit of a nuisance but console myself by thinking that one day I myself will probably be causing someone the same problems. I just have to be patient with him because he can't help it. I will make a drink and take it back to my bed.


sagechronicles said...

I haven't been around in a while and glad to hear you have a nice break coming up! I was sad to hear that Tommy is having some 'old-age' problems. And, yes, we all get there....someday.

Sara said...

I'm starting my break today too. Much needed. Peace to you and your family.