27 December 2013

A Tidy Up

Me and Tom just went for a little walk to the horse field and back, the wind is very blustery, I don't think either of us have any cobwebs left on us.

I have been doing a tidying up job on my desk. Judging by the amount of stuff on it I think it may have been last Christmas since it was last cleared.


Sara said...

The new year is a good time to clean up stuff! I cleaned out my pantry this weekend, and it felt so good to get everything organzied (even though I know it won't last).

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your home looks so festive !
Love the little Alpine village, and the window decorations, they really make the room feel like Christmas.
I try and leave mine out until the 6th January, out of tradition, but I'm usually the only one in these parts that do ;)
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Rob said...

I agree with you Jo, after all there are supposed to be 12 days of Christmas and not just 2.

Janneke said...

You really have a lovely decorated Christmas house and tidying the desk is a very good idea, I should do that too, always such a mess. Wish you, your family and the dogs a very happy new year.

Doc said...

I carried twelve plastic storage bins down two sets of stairs after first removing them from the attic. There is no way I am going to put it all back early. This old house is decorated until after the New Year.