16 December 2013

Sheep Culling

First job this morning was to meet the farmer and his workers up at the sheep field in order to round up the sheep and then pick out the old and the male lambs to be culled from the flock.

Unfortunately Tess still isn't eating and doesn't seem to be quite herself so we are taking her to see the vet today sometime.

I have Tommy working in the garden with me this morning, he isn't so mobile these days but he still enjoys coming in the garden with me.

Tess has to be at the vets by 17.15 so we will hopefully have news of her problem by then. I thought maybe she was a little better at lunch time as she was wanting to come to work with me but when I tried her with some food she made no attempt to eat it so I've left her at home.


Sara said...

It's good to see Tommy! SOrry to hear about Tess. Hoping it's nothing serious.

Rob said...

Thankfully Tess is just about recovered.