4 July 2011

Doggy hangovers.

Yesterday was the day of the village fete and as you will see from the pictures below it was a nice warm sunny day. We had my family come up for the day to visit us and see the fete and afterwards we had a BBQ style dinner out in the garden. I've been here six years and this was my first time at the fete.
Below you can see the main street in the village packed with people. Just for the day of the fete the road is closed to traffic so it can be lined with craft stalls and entertainment side shows. A lot of the money made on the day goes towards projects for the good of the village.
A view over the village, the road in the picture being the only one open for the day.
One of the entertainment side shows, this was an organ type machine playing music, no doubt it has a proper name but I don't know what it is off hand.
As is usually the case at our house, when family or visitors are here the dogs become centre of attention performing all sorts of tricks for treats, playing and generally having a party the result being a doggy hangover this morning. This is how I found my two dogs when returning for my tea break this morning.

I'm sure their predicament will only be sort lived and in no time at all they will be back to jumping, running and barking.


Sara said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!

ellen abbott said...

a couple of pooped puppies there.

Darlene said...

Hahaha! Well done!

Gail said...

Peaceful rest...even in sleep, they are beautiful.

Tristin said...

Thanks for following my blog Rob! Can't wait to check out more of your's. If you like seeing some of the Spanish countryside, scroll thru some of the other months of posts ("La Vinuela" is a good one). The last year and a half we've really enjoyed sharing the beauty of Southern Spain!

Doc said...

Sounds like an enjoyable afternoon of events. We enjoyed a family BBQ at my sisters home for the 4th but worry so about the fireworks doing any harm at Menagerie Manor so we left early to "hold down the fort". In the morning we had floating debris in the Koi pond and the dogs had little sleep, poor things.