5 July 2011

First time at work and first long walk.

Today I had a new under gardener to help me in the garden for a short while, she shredded a rawhide dog chew while I dead headed and weeded a couple of rose beds. After a while I let her off the lead but she tended to keep wanting to walk off the job so I had to keep a close eye on her but she was okay for a trainee.

My new trainee doing some shredding.
Tonight I took Tess on the long route when out for a walk, it's just over two miles and is the one that Tommy is no longer allowed to walk so he had to stay at home which I felt bad about. He has been in the garden with me most of the morning and all the afternoon so I guess he isn't really being left out, I just have fond memories of our long walks together. Anyway everything went well with Tess who walked most of the way off the lead without any problems apart from when she wanted to run after a jogger who passed us at one point, I had to keep her on the lead for a while after that.


Sara said...

I'm glad you have a new walking partner. It is such a great way to end your day.

Tommy will adjust to his new role.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

It's always good to have a work partner, if only to share a little conversation...
My Oliver cat faithfully accompanies me and sits by my side, if I'm working in the office, or cooking in the kitchen, he follows along.
A lovely evening walk, what could be better !

Matron said...

What a lucky girl! Such a brilliant life for a Border Collie. The ones I come across here down in London don't always have such a fulfilled life. BCs need a job to do. Under gardener, chief shredder and pruner? that'll do nicely!

Gail said...

She is making such good progress.

Tommy may be sighing with relief when Tess is gone for a while!

sagechronicles said...

Good for Tess. I know how hard it is to leave Tommy behind--I'm having to leave Toby behind at times too. But it sounds like Tess is doing great on her walks! Even if she is doing a little shredding while you are dead-heading.

Wyatt said...

Pretty good for a trainee!! Wish our human trainees were that focused...haha!

Wyatt's Mom

Jim said...

Hi Bob ~~ It's been quite a while since I've visited you. Throwing away the white flowers you were answering a question from Merle got my attention.
I didn't know that was not Kosher. I am thinking that you learned that from Vickie; if not them perhaps from your schooling.

Tess is growing like a weed. I explored your "Tess" link. It is good that you got her. It is also nice that Tommy has accepted her. I think she knows, though, that eventually Tess will be her replacement.

Our Adi can no longer go on the long walks with me. Her heart murmur has gotten much worse. And until after a knee joint replacement on July 18 I can't do the long walks either.

I won't wait so long for next time, promise.