1 July 2011

The Tree (July).

Below is a picture of 'The Tree' for July.
After the July picture you will find a little extra, this was Tess's first walk to the place where I take the pictures of the tree, she did very well because it's quite a lon way for little legs.

 A little extra.


Sara said...

I think you should start a Tess series, so we can watch her grow and change like the tree!

Rob said...

What a great idea Sara, a picture at the tree place every month.

Gail said...

Tess and the tree are changing a lot!

ellen abbott said...

I love seeing how the field changes as much as seeing how the tree changes. What kind of tree is that?

Anonymous said...

Tess is a sweetie! So interesting to watch the tree and the surrounding area change through the seasons! Thanks for sharing this!

sagechronicles said...

The tree time-lapse series is great. I love how the close-in vegetation changes. And good for Tess--these Border Collies have a lot of stamina!! Sage was like the Energizer Bunny at that age (and still is).

Emma Rose said...

She is adorable. And growing SO FAST!

Emma Rose