7 July 2011

A visit to the vet.

Tonight we had to take Tess to see the vet, it was just a routine visit to get checked over, wormed and weighed. She is doing fine and has put on 3 kilos in a month, that's over 5lbs. That was her third visit to see the vet and it's interesting to recall her reactions of each visit. The first time I carried her in and sat with her on my lap where she went to sleep. The second visit she was more active and had to be on the floor but not for any real purpose other than to explore. Tonight she was wanting to be everyone's friend and was paying attention to her surrounding looking and listening to everything that was going on. She has the vet wrapped round her little paws and receives lots of treats for doing very little. Anyway as I say, everything was fine and she has to go back in three weeks for more of the same.

Today is supposed to be reserved for mowing the lawns but before I could get started the farmer phoned me to say that the contractor was coming to shear the sheep so that put paid to any mowing until after lunch. Thankfully due to the dry weather the grass hasn't grown very much so there it doesn't really matter if it gets missed this week. I did run over the grass in the front garden just to put new stripes on it but that's about all it did as there was very little grass in the box after covering the whole lawn.

Well I'd better be off now as it's just about time to walk the dogs, take care and I will see you again soon.


Sara said...

I'm glad Tess does so well at the vet...makes it less stressful for you!

Kimmie said...

glad sweet Tess is doing well. I am pushing and dropping hints (ever so severely) that once my raccoons are gone (mid August) that I would like a border collie.

Not sure Bruce is ready for another dog...but I am.

thanks for sharing Tess (and Tommy) with me. I miss having a dog...though my 3 orphan raccoons are keeping me very VERY busy!

haven't had any blogging time...but wanted to see how you all were.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Rita Garcia said...

Enjoyed reading your post. Blessings!

Gail said...

Enjoy your walk.