26 July 2011

Early ripening.

Whilst tying in the growth on the blackberries today I noticed how they are turning colour already, this seems very early to me as I tend to think of them as a September fruit, especially as these are growing on a north facing wall.

Most of today has been spent trimming hedges, the one you see in the picture is a Holly hedge. You can get away with clipping Holly ever other year but I prefer to do it every year as it looks better when trimmed also it's not such a big job. By the way if any of you plan on doing any hedge cutting it can be worth checking round for wasp nests as they often like such places to live and the last thing you want is to discover a nest while you're at the top of the step ladders or even standing on one while on the ground.
I just had a phone call from my parents asking if they can come and stay the weekend, they are obviously more than welcome to do so. I remembered afterwards though I am due to take Tess to see about flyball this Saturday so I will have to work something out about that.

I took my weather station apart the other day to give it a overhaul as various parts of it weren't working properly so I just got finished putting it back together now, I also moved it to another location within the garden as Vicki has bought what I would call a wind sculpture which looks much better in that location than my weather gadgets.


An English Shepherd said...

They will be ready soon :-)

Enjoy the flyball if you do get to go.

Sara said...

I bet your parents might enjoy watching the flyball.

The hedges look amazing!

ellen abbott said...

No weather station needed here. Hot and dry for the forseeable future.

Matron said...

I had my first blackberry crop about a week ago. Unusually early this year.